Trying to start over

I’m trying to get back on track and focus more on things other than Netflix and binge watching TV series.


How to keep on going

After a year of logging my foods on, I have started getting frustrated.  I am not sure how I’ve lost my passion for getting healthy.  The year went by so fast and didn’t seem so hard.  Now it seems like an impossibility to get myself to the gym or even to walk the dog. 


I must get back on track.

I must get back on track.




February 2013

February 2013

Time for a change

Yoga time

I had a great yoga class last night.  It was the first exercise I’ve had in two weeks thanks to the worst cold I’ve had in years.  It was a challenging class, but I made it through with only two or three water breaks.  The gym is going to have class on Mondays the next few weeks, so I’ll definitely commit to being there.  It felt great to get my sweat on again. 

What’s next for Mission : Get healthy in 2013?

I’m at 340 days of being on  Not much time left until my year anniversary.  I need to get to the gym in the next few weeks to shed off four more pounds.  My big goal is to have lost 40 pounds by day 365.  If I can project manage anything in IT, I should be able to project manage my weight loss.  I need to set a schedule and stick to it.  I need to measure my progress and make all of my objectives.  Can I do it?  Sure I can!  4 more pounds by day 365.  I will do it.

Progress to Date

Time to track the progress

Time to track the progress

I need to get another body shot so we can see the differences a little better.

Technorati Claim Code


Today I created my own web page.  I’ve had others before, but this is the first one I’m starting with the intent of revamping my personal branding.